The Monster was the Main Antagonist on the first story "The Big Toe"

The Monster was the Main Antagonist in the big the start of the story His toe was found sticking out of the ground by The Boy and was ripped off by the boy and his family had ate it for supper.That night he awoke to look for who took his toe and had begun to come after the boy before the story ends he most likely attacked the boy in his room

The Big Toe

The Monster is first encountered by The Boy at the start of the big toe,the boy rips the monsters toe off and it is used in the boys family dinner,that night the Monster had awoken and began to look his toe and the boy,at the end of the story he found the boy and had most likely killed him to get his toe back

The Alternate Ending

The story goes the same until the confrontation,this time the Boy looks downstairs and find the creature in the fire place and is later attacked by the creature as the ending ends and is most likely killed by the monster