The Boy is the main character of the first story "'The Big Toe"

The Boy Was the Main Protagonist of the story the big toe,he had found a toe in his garden and had ate it for supper in some soup but that night was hunted down by the corpse whos toe he took in the end he was Presumed dead after being found by the Monster at the end of the story leaving his fate a mystery the alternate ending later backs up he was likely killed

The Big Toe

The boy is introduced finding a Big Toe in his garden sticking out he pulls it out and gives it to his father which they put in there dinner.That night the boy is awakened by a sound but he shrugs it off but after a while its apparent the creature making that sound is after the boy and looking for his toe as the creature gets closer The Boy is then found by the monster as the story end most likely being killed,The Alternate ending later backs up he was most likely killed

The Alternate Ending

The Story goes the same as before until nighttime this time the boy is woken by the sound and goes downstairs to check but finds the creature in the Fire place,he asks the beast several questions about its appearance and is later presumably killed by the beast